Solvent Extraction Plant

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A solvent extraction plant is a process unit that utilizes a solvent to separate a target compound or group of compounds from a feedstock. This type of plant is commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and chemical processing.

The solvent extraction process involves mixing the feedstock with a solvent that selectively extracts the desired compound. The resulting solution is then separated into two phases, one containing the extracted compound and the other containing the remaining feedstock components.

Solvent extraction plants are designed and engineered to meet specific requirements based on the feedstock, the target compound, and the desired output. They can range from small-scale pilot plants to large industrial facilities.

Some common applications of solvent extraction plants include the extraction of oils from seeds and nuts, the recovery of metals from ores, and the purification of natural products such as essential oils.

Overall, solvent extraction plants play an important role in various industries, providing an efficient and effective method for separating and purifying compounds from complex mixtures.