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Pneumatic Earth Conveying System

enn pneumatic earth conveying system is a most convenient and cost effective System. we are specializes in pneumatic conveying of dry bulk solids for the processing industries. The concept was found very attractive due to a closed pipeline conveying. The principle of pneumatic conveying is based on the fact that bulk goods can be moved by means of air through pipelines. The flowing conveying air transmits a propulsion force on the bulk material and thus conveys it through the conveying line. The pneumatic conveying always requires a pressure difference between the beginning and the end of the pipeline. To overcome this pressure difference, conveying blowers or compressors are used.

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enn also recognized for environment-friendly and accident-free for us to plan health safety environment in the projects at the earliest possible stage, injuries and accidents are to be avoided. SAFETY job is to prevent people being killed, injured or made ill by work.